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Five things I always take in my trips (anywhere)
By: kaveri
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blue star My backpack
I got it when I was 8, and now I'm almost 28!! It was a strange feeling when I realised I have friends younger than my loved sack. Increedibly, the zippers are still ok, I know how to fit everything inside, and it has never left me in the lurch.
blue star My yellow hat (Version 4.0)
I buy a white hat and dye it in deep yellow. Kids all the world around love it, and it's good for the sun and rain (well, sometimes I end up with icteric face if it rains too much). I have lost or given as a present already three of them.
blue star 1, 2, or 3 bandanas
Good to substitute my hat when it gets lost, for wrapping some fruits, fixing an sprained ankle, playing games with children, improvise some erotic experiences...
blue star Swiss army knife
Good to impress a girl you have just met (being careful not to have an accident with my finger!) Ha ha ha. Just joking. I am still surprised I have never lost it or it has never left at any airport...
blue star Some strings
You never know, you may need to fish; set your clothes to dry; tie your camera to your wrist while you sleep; try to keep the soles together with the rest of your mountain boots while trekking for three days in a volcanic island (I can prove it?.


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